Thai massage

"Turn back your body health with the time-tested tradition! Thai massage to thoroughly stretch your muscles, rhythmic rocking movements will stir up energy in the body and the final deep relaxation and well-being can be enjoyed also in yoga positions. Healing properties of this ancient therapy are tried tested and warranted."

How it helps:

  • Relieves pain, tension and stress
  • Harmonizes the energy lines
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Relaxes muscles and tendons
  • Supplies energy

Thai massage called Nuat borane has a very long tradition based on Chinese and Indian medicines. The massage starts small with stretching and rhythmic swinging movements that will be released in the introduction comfortably. The following is working with the energy lines called Sena. The whole treatment culminates passive yoga positions that will naturally adjust the body and stimulate energy flow within the body too. Nuat borane total return restores health. After the massage, you can still enjoy a long well-being and the effects of deep relaxation.

In traditional Thai massage oils are not used. So come in comfortable clothes and enjoy a combination of massage and assisted stretching to the fullest.

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Choose type

  • 30 Minutes
    790 CZK 790 credits
  • 45 Minutes
    990 CZK 990 credits
  • 60 Minutes
    1,190 CZK 1190 credits
  • 90 Minutes
    1,390 CZK 1390 credits
  • 120 Minutes
    1,590 CZK 1590 credits

What is included?

  • Full body massage
  • Total regeneration
  • Release and perfusion of stiff muscles
  • Alleviation of pain
  • The positive effect on the lymphatic system
  • Relaxation and stress relief, fatigue relief
  • Help with headaches, aches & pains

Conditions of usage?

  • Voucher valid for 3 months after purchase
  • Voucher can be used as present
  • Voucher can not be converted into money
  • Reservation in advance is necessary on the phone +420 608 549 949

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